RESUELTA // Job offer in the Tier-2 ATLAS Project at the IFIC (Valencia)


This contract will be established under the project 'Towards a genuine TIER-2 (IFIC Center) Federated Spanish of ATLAS to meet the challenge of managing and processing Big Data from the LHC (Phase II)' with reference PID2019-104301RB-C21 Funded by MCI (Spain).

Start of the contract: as son as possible

Fecha de publicación: 
dv., 28/04/2023
Fecha de cierre: 
dc., 31/05/2023
Experiencia : 

It will be valued very positively that the candidate has the following knowledge:
   - Programming in python
   - Relational databases, MySQL
   - Object Relational Mapper, SQLAlchemy
   - Development of web pages, HTML languages, CSS, JavaScript
   - REST application interface (RESTful API)


The contract that the person who is selected in the selection process will enjoy will carry out the following tasks:
- Development of WEB applications in the Flask/Python/SQLAlchemy environment
- Maintenance, improvement and incorporation of new functionalities to the WEB application "EventIndex Supervisor" written in Python using the Flask environment with SQLAlchemy and MySQL.
- Maintenance and improvement of the client-side interface with scripts written in JavaScript and maintenance and improvement of the visual aspect with HTML5 and CSS

Santiago González de la Hoz ( or Jose Salt (
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