Prof. Susanne Westhoff visits IFIC from 15th to 17th January 2024

Mon, 08/01/2024 - 09:30

Prof. Susanne Westhoff from Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) visits IFIC from 15th to 17th January 2024.

Susanne Westhoff is a theoretical particle physicist with broad research interests in physics beyond the standard model. Her current research is centered around dark matter and its fundamental nature. Susanne addresses this topic by combining laboratory searches with astrophysical observations. Collider searches for long-lived particles, which might be key to discovering feebly coupling dark matter particles, play a special role in her current research. Susanne also works with effective theories for heavy new physics or axion-like particles, combining observations at different energy scales to reveal potential subtle effects of new physics.
Susanne Westhoff holds a position as assistant professor at the Radboud University.

At the IFIC Seminar on January 16th at 12h (Europe/Madrid) Susanne will give a talk entitled: "FIMP, the new WIMP". More information about her talk can be found here:

Her office at IFIC is 104.