The so-called IFIC Maintenance Service is a service created in 2008 stemming from Plan de Actuación Estratégica 2010-2013 del IFIC. The Service, despite its name, is not dedicated only to the maintenance tasks of IFIC’s facilities and does not perform these tasks just by itself, but it is actually an integrated service of maintenance management, occupational safety, radiation protection, environmental and quality management of the shared facilities as well as the research laboratories of the Institute. It covers, therefore, several areas of action:


Maintenance Area: the service performs preventive maintenance (regular reviews) and corrective maintenance (incidents / failures) management of facilities and and logistics of singular shared facilities, such as the Clean Room and theLaboratory of Radioactive Sources; logistics for the operation of laboratories, mainly supplying pressurized or liquefied gases or purchasing chemical reagents; management of the storage space and any other issue related to the maintenance of facilities and laboratories.

Area of ​​Occupational Safety, Radiation Protection and Environmental Management:comprising actions in safety issues at the Institute in collaboration with the corresponding Occupational Health and Safety Services of UV and CSIC; the actions in radiation protection stemming from the integration in this Service of IFIC’s Radioactive Facility, that belongs to the Radioactivity Facility of the University of Valencia and depends on the Radiological Protection Area of UV, as well as the actions in environmental management, both in waste management and in energy efficiency, in collaboration with the corresponding areas of UV and CSIC.

Quality Management Area: comprising the actions related to the implementation of quality standards in the operation of the shared facilities, such as the Clean Room, according to the guidelines of the quality area of CSIC.


Phones of Interest:

IFIC Maintenance Service: internal 43725, external 963543725, emergencies 680766823 & 679474017

SERVEO (Maintenance): working hours 660 771 125 / 24h 902 350 365

Gebisa (Security): 24h 661 836 342

Emergencies: 112

UV Medical Service Burjassot: working hours 96 354 43 21 / emergencies 630 179 407

UMIVALE (Medical Service for Work Accidents: IFIC-UV personnel) 902 365 012

FREMAP (Medical Service for Work Accidents: Only IFIC-CSIC personnel) 900 610 061