la Caixa INPhINIT doctoral fellowships at IFIC - 2018

Francisco J. Botella Olcina Theoretical approach to the Flavor sector of the Standard Model after the Higgs discovery +info
Luca Fiorini Higgs boson physics with the ATLAS experiment of the LHC +info
José W. Furtado Valle Astroparticle and High Energy Physics +info
Juan Fuster Verdú
Marcel Vos
Precision Higgs/top physics at the LHC and a future linear e+e- collider +info
Carmen García García Search for Dark Matter and New Physics in the top quark sector with the ATLAS experiment of the LHC +info
Juan José Hernández Rey Particle physics with neutrino telescopes: dark matter and neutrino mass hierarchy +info
Gabriela Llosá Llácer Development of a Compton telescope for hadron therapy treatment monitoring +info
Fernando Martínez Vidal CP violation and exotic matter with multibody decays of heavy baryons at the LHCb experiment +info
Jorge Portolés Ibáñez Extensions of the Standard Model at the LHC and the flavor factories: scalar sector and lepton flavor violation +info
Germán Rodrigo García Phenomenological implications from the dual interplay between gauge and gravity theories +info
Berta Rubio Investigation of neutron-rich Po-Fr nuclei lying in the south-east frontier of the Island of Octupole Deformation around mass 225 +info
Arcadi Santamaria The SM and Beyond in the LHC era: QCD, extended Higgs sectors, flavour, neutrinos, Dark Matter +info
José Luis Taín Enríquez
Alejandro Algora
Beta delayed neutron emission studies of exotic nuclei +info
Juan de Dios Zornoza Gómez Multi-messenger Astronomy with Neutrino Telescopes +info