la Caixa INPhINIT doctoral fellowships at IFIC - 2017

Alejandro Algora
Berta Rubio Barroso
Beta Decay Studies of Exotic Nuclei with the Total Absorption Technique +info
Anselmo Cervera Villanueva Investigation of neutrino interactions and neutrino oscillations with the T2K (Tokai-to-Kamioka) accelerator experiment in Japan +info
Ángeles Faus-Golfe Wakefield impact studies and issues in Future Linear Colliders: ATF2 and ILC case +info
José W. Furtado Valle Astroparticle and High Energy Physics +info
Juan Fuster Verdú Top physics at the LHC and future colliders +info
Carmen García García Search for new physics in the top quark sector with the ATLAS experiment of the LHC +info
Pedro González Marhuenda Heavy quarkonia above open-flavor meson-meson thresholds: description from QCD based quark models +info
Pilar Hernández Gamazo PhD position to carry out fundamental research in particle physics within the research group SOM (Flavour and origin of matter, Sabor y Origen de la Materia) +info
Gabriela Llosá Llácer
Josep F. Oliver Guillén
Development of a Compton telescope for hadron therapy treatment monitoring +info
Juan Miguel Nieves Pamplona Neutrino interactions with nucleons and nuclei: nuclear reactions and effects of interest for neutrino oscillation experiments +info
Vasiliki Mitsou Search for supersymmetry and other new phenomena with the ATLAS and MoEDAL experiments at the LHC +info
Germán Rodrigo Unraveling Gauge theories and Effective Field theories though the high energy frontier +info
Arcadi Santamaria Astroparticles and Cosmology: Inflation, dark matter and neutrinos +info
Arcadi Santamaria Beyond the SM: extended Higgs sector, flavour and neutrinos +info
Arcadi Santamaria A LQCD spin-off: sub-minute high performance Monte Carlo calculations for accelerator physics, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine +info
José Luis Taín Enríquez
César Domingo Pardo
Measurement of beta-delayed neutron emission probabilities of very exotic neutron-rich nuclei for nuclear astrophysics +info
Javier Vijande Asenjo Monte Carlo calculations of ionization chambers for the TRS 398 update +info
Juan de Dios Zornoza Gómez
Juan Zúñiga Román
Multi-messenger Astronomy with Neutrino Telescopes +info
Juan de Dios Zornoza Gómez
Juan José Hernández Rey
Particle Physics with Neutrino Telescopes: Dark Matter and Neutrino Mass Hierarchy +info