la Caixa INPhINIT doctoral fellowships at IFIC - 2019

Anselmo Cervera Villanueva Investigation of neutrino interactions and neutrino oscillations with the T2K experiment +info
Luca Fiorini Higgs boson physics with the ATLAS experiment of the LHC +info
José W. Furtado Valle Astroparticle and High Energy Physics +info
Juan Fuster Verdú Top physics at the LHC and future colliders +info
Santiago González de la Hoz Efficiency study in the search for neutral particles of long half-life disintegrating to hadrons in the ATLAS detector +info
Juan José Hernández Rey Particle physics with neutrino telescopes: dark matter and neutrino mass hierarchy +info
Gabriela Llosá Llácer Development of a Compton telescope for hadron therapy treatment monitoring +info
Vasiliki Mitsou Search for new physics phenomena with the ATLAS and MoEDAL experiments at the LHC +info
Antonio Pich Zardoya Flavour Physics and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking +info
Germán Rodrigo García Phenomenological implications from the dual interplay between gauge and gravity theories +info
Michel Sorel Search for the neutrinoless double beta decay of Xe-136 with the NEXT experiment +info
José Luis Taín Study of nuclear decay properties relevant in the explosive stellar nucleosynthesis of heavy elements +info
Óscar Vives García Flavor symmetries and new physics beyond the Standard Model +info
Juan de Dios Zornoza Gómez Multi-messenger astronomy with neutrino telescopes +info