Prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto, visiting researcher at IFIC

Wed, 09/09/2020 - 12:55

The University of Valencia has awarded the position of “visiting researcher” to prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto of Tohoku University in Japan. Prof. Yamamoto’s candidacy was proposed by IFIC, with the support of the Department of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Phsyics of the University. Prof. Yamamoto will work together with scientist of IFIC (room B-1-3) and the University during his stay in Valencia.

Tohoku University in Sendai is one of the best universities in Japan, especially in the natural sciences and engineering. According to the QS ranking, it is the fifth University in Japan and number 82 in the world. Tohoku University has achieved this ranking despite its relatively small size, with less than 18,000 students.

Prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto is professor at Tohoku University since 2001. He obtained his degree in physics from Kyoto University in 1978 and his doctoral degree from CalTech in 1986, under the supervision of prof. Barry Barish. After post-doctoral work at the best institutes in the US (SLAC in Stanford and the Enrico Fermi institute of the University of Chicago), he accepted a professor position at Harvard, and later at Hawaii University and Tohoku University.

The group of prof. Yamamoto is active in the Belle II and T2K, currently operating in Japan with contributions from experimental groups at IFIC. His group is moreover one of the most active proponents of a new facility in Japan, the International Linear Collider. Prof. Yamamoto has played several key roles in the ILC organization, including the responsibility for the physics and detector studies in Asia and the membership of the executive board of the Linear Collider Collaboration.

Hitoshi Yamamoto, IFIC, International Linear Collider, Linear Collider Collaboration, T2K,
Hitoshi Yamamoto with the director of IFIC, Nuria Rius (left).