This Unit provides services to projects with mechanical needs, ranging from the conceptual design phase, calculation and simulation to the development of 3D models and drawings. In addition to manufacturing, it carries out measurements and tests on existing components and assemblies.

IFIC’s experiments usually require specific mechanical components and as a preliminary step, the design and computer simulation of prototypes and, once the components are made, the dimensional verification or adjustment, ​​and the characterization of their behaviour in heat transmission tests, deformation , vibration and the like.

We have a modest but versatile workshop that allows us to manufacture and modify many of our prototypes in our own facilities, providing great flexibility in their development. We also have a dimensional inspection lab with contact and visual measurement machines.

The Unit is also responsible for supervision of the design and management of the manufacturing of mechanical parts and assemblies in outside companies when those parts exceed our capacities.

Some characteristic areas of our work are the participation in the design and manufacturing of the support or containment structures for particle detectors or components for high vacuum field accelerators. In the field of detectors usually we have to face the challenge of reducing as much as possible the mass of the support structures and other components (such as the cooling services) in order to interfere as little as possible with the detected particles, while achieving an efficient evacuation of the heat generated by the readout electronics and limiting the deformations (static and dynamic) to less than the maximum allowable for the desired accuracy in the measurement of their trajectories.